The Everygirl

photo by Danielle Moss

I'm really excited to bring you all a sneak peek of the brand new site, The Everygirl, which launches bright and early Wednesday, February 22nd! Created by two fabulous and established bloggers, Danielle Moss and Alaina Kaczmarski, The Everygirl will feature career profiles of female entrepreneurs, businesswomen, and bloggers who will be sharing their steps to success by answering the questions we all want to know: how they got to where they are, how they branched off into their own business, and what advice they have for others, among many other interesting and insightful things.

The Everygirl will also have tons of other fun things like budget-friendly interior design and fashion features, city guides outlined by stylish women who live there, quick and easy affordable recipes, and so much more.

The Everygirl will be interviewing Angie Dudley (above), aka Bakerella, NY Times bestselling author and creator of the infamous Cake Pop in an upcoming feature.

Being a girl who constantly scours blogs, websites, and magazines for anything from home decor inspiration to a good restaurant recommendation, who turns to my best girlfriends for advice, who looks up to strong, entrepreneurial women with success in not only business but family as well, I'm so excited for The Everygirl to launch and be the hub for all things career-driven and creative.

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